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From a young age, Melissa (Missy) Barnes was passionate about real estate and building community through relationships, sheer dedication and hard work. Granted, her first development (at age 6) was a houseboat community for pollywogs in Mill Valley, with an adjacent four-level tree fort with pond views. From what we’re told, a major developer took over the site shortly thereafter to build single family homes that sold for record-setting prices in the market. Missy’s always had a vision for design and development, and a sixth sense for real estate opportunities.


From our first introduction to Melissa Barnes and Tracy Bowie, through to the close of our escrow, they never stopped holding our hands. Their steadfast willingness and desire to meet "our" needs while keeping us in "our" comfort zone, was the perfect formula for our family during the process from search to actually buying the right home. My taste in a home varied from my wife's. I don't think that's uncommon. Tracy and Melissa were tasked to find middle ground for my wife and I. They listened. They did their homework and they found compromise. They successfully executed the complicated tasks behind the scenes, so when time to present to me and my family; all things were simple. These gals get it. Share what your needs are, and let them loose and do their thing! Peace and comfort is certainly around the corner for anyone who hires their talent. Thank you Melissa and Tracy for a wonderful experience.

David and Kim